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Feature Week!

Hey guys- We’re so pumped about the new release OUT TOMORROW! We were really excited to work with Property Of Zack and have them do such an awesome feature for…

New Record Announcement

Hey all! BTB is kicking off the Winter RIGHT with an official announcement. Burn The Ballroom will be realeasing a BRAND NEW EP produced by Austin Bello of Forever The…

The Star-Crossed

The Star-Crossed The paths that we chose are not all decided The character that we possess is not all handed down We are forged by experience, but we are shaped…

Who’s Coming To Jammin Java May 21st??

Can’t wait for Burn The Ballroom at Jammin Java May 21st! Let me know if you need tickets ( it’s gonna be a good one who’s already coming?? -Alan

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Guitar Better

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Guitar Better by Sterling Pearson Lets sit down and talk.  My name is Sterling and I’ve been playing guitar for 13 years and the only other…

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